Worlds of Wonder

Chaosium's very own original Basic RPS settings

The Worlds of Wonder boxed set included Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing System booklet and three game settings designed for use with it: Magic World, a fairly generic fantasy world resembling a stripped-down version of RuneQuest, Future World, with military characters a la Traveller, and Super World, a superhero rolegame that was even published in a stand-alone version.
No copyright infringement intended. My aim is proselytism: the Basic RPS is Good; d20 is Evil.

  • Web Site of the Basic Role-Playing System
  • Basic Role-Playing System (Rules)
  • Magic World
  • Future World, part 1
  • Future World, part 2
  • Future World, part 3
  • Future World, part 4
  • Super World, part 1
  • Super World, part 2
  • Super World, part 3
  • Super World, part 4
  • Super World, part 5
  • Gaming Aids for the above
  • Steve Perrin, the author of Worlds of Wonder, has created his own rolegame called SPQR. Please check it out!

    Also, Steve Perrin's Worlds of Wonder was translated in Sweden as Drakar och Demoner and gave birth to a whole series of rolegames.

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